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Part III

May 8, 2022

A New Home for "Eve After Eden"

By Jemi Lassiter

The stories shared in “Eve After Eden” can now be accessed on

Much of what “Eve After Eden” has been these last two series was a written record of moments when women were at their lowest or felt least like themsleves and chose better, chose greater.

Little by little, step by step the women featured in this series moved in a different direction from what even they expected and that was encouraging. That was hopeful. That was unexpected permission to choose self and family, self and friendship, self and career rather than self over or instead of anything else. I am following course.

While more people than “Eve After Eden” has followers on Medium or Instagram have read these stories, less than a handful can access all of them. I am changing that today.

If you noticed there was no post on Sunday, April 10, you might have thought that was because the second series ended and after each part ends, I take a break to prepare the next one. Yes, that is the case… partially.

I have been working on a new home for “Eve After Eden”.

This marks the last post for “Eve After Eden” on Medium. Beginning this week, all the stories here will also be available on Part III of “Eve After Eden” will be published exclusively on our new website. Subscribe for free.


I will meet you there.

"A New Home for Eve After Eden" was originally published on May 7, 2022 on as "Eve After Eden: A New Home".

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