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The Interviews

You asked for videos and we answered with On: Eve After Eden!

This members-only content features highlights from our one-on-one interviews with the women of Eve After Eden.

On Being Heart-Centered
Being Heart-Centered

​Play Time: 1:36


Registered nurse, self-care coach and author of The Practical Self-Love Workbook Arlene Ambrose discusses what it means to be heart-centered. Ambrose was featured in Heart-Centered, a piece from Eve After Eden: Part V.

On Defining Self-Care
Defining Self-Care

Play Time: 1:25


Candice Denise, CD Creative Loft founder and self-care advocate, defines self-care and the nuanced ways women can begin to practice it in a sustainable way. First appearing in Eve After Eden: Part IV, Candice Denise has continued to develop avenues to coach  women towards acknowledging, caring for and embracing themselves.

Personal Styling
Personal Styling

Play Time: 2:36


Asha Smith, a fashion enthusiast and thrift educator, started out as a self described "label girl". She honed her personal style when she stopped looking in the mirror and started dressing by vibes. Smith was featured in Her Style, a piece from Eve After Eden: Part III.

Living in Victory
Living in Victory

Play Time: 2:07


Eve Akins not only supports mothers in their birth journeys, she is leading a generation of women to their own generational healing. The doula and founder of E.VE. Birth Services in Texas came to the realization that her work changes the narrative about Black Women and shares her insights in On: Eve After Eden, Living in Victory. Akins first appeared on Eve After Eden as a feature in Part III, Woman's Work

Raising Global Citizens
Raising Global Citizens

Play Time: 3:28

Shartoyea Dixon is the globe trotting mother of two behind the hit Instagram account @PrettyLegendaryFamily. She and her husband's love of travel is rooted in playing as hard as they work. Having two children did not slow them down and that is one of the greatest gifts they have given to their son and daughter. The family's domestic and international travel has not only shaped how Dixon  shows up in the world as a Black Woman but also how the children view the world around them.


Read Dixon's story in Eve After Eden: Part IV, The World is Yours.

Focusing on Leadership
Focusing on Leadership

Erinn Cottman, an Atlanta-based leadership and teacher development coach, started her career as a teacher before earning positions in school administration. Her career shifted to coaching after realizing the gap in coaching for school leadership and the impact of that void going unfilled. 

Read Cottman's story, Shift to Leadership, only available on Eve After Eden.

Making a Space Your Own
[The Importance of] Making a Space Your Own

Washington, D.C.- based Interior Designer Shawna Underwood has a design approach that draws out the personality of her clients, highlights their one-of-a-kind collections, accentuates their favorite pieces and makes a house a home all because she understands the importance of making a space your own. The founder of Shawna Underwood Interior Design knows colors, textures, and even the views a room has can impact the way a person feels.

Read Underwood's story on moving from insurance to interior design and reigniting her childhood passion in Eve After Eden: Part V, Designed to Live.

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