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The Interviews

You asked for videos and we answered with On: Eve After Eden!

This members-only content features highlights from our one-on-one interviews with the women of Eve After Eden.

Being Heart-Centered

​Play Time: 1:36


Registered nurse, self-care coach and author of The Practical Self-Love Workbook Arlene Ambrose discusses what it means to be heart-centered. Ambrose was featured in Heart-Centered, a piece from Eve After Eden: Part V.

Defining Self-Care

Play Time: 1:25


Candice Denise, CD Creative Loft founder and self-care advocate, defines self-care and the nuanced ways women can begin to practice it in a sustainable way. First appearing in Eve After Eden: Part IV, Candice Denise has continued to develop avenues to coach  women towards acknowledging, caring for and embracing themselves.

Personal Styling

Play Time: 2:36


Asha Smith, a fashion enthusiast and thrift educator, started out as a self described "label girl". She honed her personal style when she stopped looking in the mirror and started dressing by vibes. Smith was featured in Her Style, a piece from Eve After Eden: Part III.

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