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Part IV

JUNE 26, 2022

Our Guest Editor

From the Desk of Erica Franklin

As a creator and nurturer, women have such full lives - many times overly “full.” And, “full” can be positive like a life full of joy and laughter, or negative like a life full of stress and tragedy. Many of us live a life that is a mixture of the two, both positive and negative, but our stories go untold.


Some of us believe that our life is just ordinary. Meanwhile, there are other women (and men) in awe of the bravery, strength, intelligence and beauty that their mothers, sisters, friends, coworkers and even strangers exude. Sharing our stories makes us more than ordinary as it helps to vocalize the complexities, success and changes that we encounter while on our journeys.   

Our stories provide inspiration and encouragement as it makes a space for women to see themselves in others. There is a sense of peace knowing that you are not the “only one” and that you are not alone.

As I enter this chapter of becoming the first guest editor for “Eve After Eden,” I am so happy and grateful. 

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Photo courtesy of Erica Franklin

Erica Franklin is a 15-year veteran of communication and sales industry, the founder of The Global Giver, on the leading edge of bringing Sistas in Sales to Ghana, a two-time feature in "Eve After Eden: Part II" and our first guest editor. 

  1. I will get to use my copy editing skills again. As a former Editor-and-Chief of my alma mater’s newspaper, it is surreal to join forces with Shevaun, Eve After Eden's creator and head of content,  again to put out fantastic content.

  2. In the last few years, I have found my voice. So, to be able to help showcase other women’s stories is EVERYTHING!

  3. I look forward to expanding my network and making connections. Connecting with people is so important to me. I love to engage people from all over the world as it pushes me to evolve and learn.

  4. I am assessing my career goals and determining what work I want to take on to expand my career portfolio. I hope to inspire women to acknowledge that we are multi-talented and it is ok to live out certain dreams or try new things.

  5. I am honored that other women “see” me. Shevaun took the time to ask me about my life in addition to reaching out to me regarding this opportunity. Thank you!​

  6. I pray that I can bring joy, laughter, and as my bio says, “...inspire others to be their best selves.” 


~ Erica Franklin 

    Evolutionary, Risk-Taker, Dreamer and "Eve After Eden: Part IV" Guest Editor 

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