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Part V

August 7, 2022

Eve After Eden

By Jemi Lassiter

It’s Saturday afternoon and the three versions of the opener for “Eve After Eden: Part V” aren’t giving what they were supposed to give. They’re forced, a bit dry and so I’m off to a fresh start with attempt number four. 


I’ll say, Part V is where I step back. While I started Eve After Eden for myself and around one question, the stories I’ve heard pushed this creation in a different direction and it’s too exciting, too mysterious, too maybe unknown not to follow. So, with Part V came the need to change my self talk, amp it up a bit so I could continue making conscious decisions.  


I’ll say, I have great news! A woman I’ve known from a distance has partnered with Eve After Eden for this Part and this shift in self-talk. 


She is petite, meticulous and direct. She is a member of the 4% of mental health therapists who are African-American. The fact that she is a woman makes her all the more rare. Being who she is, there is no room for fluff. Keisha Watson, LCPC, NCC is a trauma-informed mental health therapist and the founder of Bright Journey Counseling. In her practice she guides clients through the issues that hold them back and compromise their mental wellbeing. She asks the questions that many people avoid asking themselves. And, she does that greatest-of-all-things thing: She holds space for her clients. 


No, I’m not one of her clients. I’ve just had the pleasure of meeting her and the privilege to share her with you. Watson has partnered with Eve After Eden for "Affirmed After Eden". Every week, we’ll share a new affirmation on Instagram to promote self awareness, encourage self-care, and demonstrate positive self-talk. 


I’ll say, I have four new stories with four new women. Who they are and what they share with me is as varied as the women themselves. I can’t wait to drop the first article… But, I will. Next Sunday, the 17th feature goes live!


So, here you have it. Short. Sweet. To the point. 


Until next Sunday, be thoughtful with yourself.

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