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Part III

JUNE 5, 2022

After Eden

By Jemi Lassiter

I started "Eve After Eden" for me. Something within me had broken and there was no example, no tangible being to emulate how to fix what life had broken except… Eve. 


Her life’s example came front and center. Neither her example nor her image would leave my mind’s eye. (Yes, I’ve created my own picture of what Eve looked like. It was actually a fun exercise and she morphs a little with each interview.)


If you have been with me since the start, you know that I have been asking why did Eve live when her fate was death. In The Beginning, the first part of the Eve After Eden series, I thought it was forgiveness that saved her. God simply forgave her and offered exile as an alternative. How foolish of me to think that. How small of me. His ways are higher than mine. He reasoned better, greater than me. I see now that His decision was not just forgiveness. No, it was forgiveness of her action and compassion for her being. That is her being as a person so close, precariously close to death at all times with the tree growing in the garden. She was given access to do everything with it except eat of its fruit. That takes discipline.


I thought it was strange for Eve to have been purposefully positioned between Access and Discipline with only Obedience to guide her. To choose Discipline every day until the day she chose Access. 


How long had she honestly been tempted? When had the thought first crossed her mind? What did her heart tell her? What had her mind told her? And, where in God’s green garden was Adam or a chipper chipmunk to distract her this one time?!


I have no doubt God was angry with what transpired. I have no doubt He searched their hearts and knew their fall from grace was not malicious but curious. And, how can you punish with death a person who fell by curiosity… even if curiosity is disobedience? 





I’ve read my Bible cover to cover two times, failed the third time, and I’m back at it again. (Y’all, I’m hanging tough in Leviticus right now.) It took all of those times to see God’s compassion for us in the first few chapters of the first book in the Bible. All of that time, all of that opportunity to see God’s compassion and I only saw it in my Bible after speaking to Ashley, Pamela, Kassandra, Tyra, Kaye, Joy, Erica, Selah, April, Asha, Marcela and Eve


I had 12 women to consult. Eve had none. But, God had compassion.


Eve never knew what it meant to operate outside of the Will of God. She never knew what child birth would be like until she had Cain. She never knew what it meant to parent until she became a parent. She simply never knew until she had to face what was new in the moment. How grateful I am that she did face every new moment! Because Eve did, I have examples of what to do and what not to do if I seek them out. Part III’s women brought that to light for me: To Seek.


  • April was looking for a way to preserve her son’s health. She reverted to her mother’s example and turned dried herbs into teas that heal. She studied and sampled and reworked it until it worked out. 


  • Asha modeled brand names like they were her name until she learned that she would look good in anything that made her feel like the whole diva she is. (Asha can trick out a brown paper bag and be on point for brunch in the DMV!) She sought out gently used clothes and was gifted a style that is all her own at a price point that is to be admired.


  • Marcela sought knowledge on parenting. As a foster parent, her goal was to provide a safe home and be a safe person for the children she fostered. She blended her childhood memories with the vision of childhood she wanted to give to others and she did it well — so well that she guides other parents through the challenges of raising children with respect for their boundaries and understanding of their needs.


  • And, Eve. Eve was literally cut open to have her first child based on the recommendation of her doctor. 

Hello, c-section scar and long recovery period! 

Hello, limited mobility for six weeks and increased risk of complications before, during and after surgery! 

She sought out a better way, a more holistic way, a safer and more autonomous way to have a baby and wound up a doula. (A highly sought after doula at that!)


So, here is where I am with the selfish postings that are "Eve After Eden". In all moments, there are three things for sure: Forgiveness, Compassion, and Seeking.


God will do a great work in forgiving, show His compassion for us with grace, and reward our seeking with an adjustment of His great boundaries all just to keep us near Him. Perhaps, if I can get through Leviticus and Numbers — Lord, Numbers! — He won’t have to make so many adjustments for me. I have a growing list of examples.

"Eve After Eden: After Eden Part III" was originally published on June 5, 2022. It was modified on June 6, 2022 with links to previous "Eve After Eden" articles for ease of reference.

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