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There are no breaks this time. We're heading right into Eve After Eden: Part V with a slight twist. Join us as we shift to promote self awareness, encourage self-care, and demonstrate positive self-talk with a new partner in this light opening to Part V.

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About a woman named Eve...

Eve After Eden is a place where the stories of women's lifetimes are shared. Here, we discuss the pivotal moments and life-altering decisions that changed the way today's women choose to live their lives. Through interviews and conversations, we unpack the social norms and cultural mores that may have worked for someone else but not for this woman and how she chooses different, better, and right for her.

It all started with a simple question, "Who was Eve after Eden"? No one we asked could answer the question. Very few had ever stopped to think of Eve as an actual person capable of making a mistake, let alone worthy of redemption. Without an answer, Eve After Eden was launched to find the answer.


Fun fact: There's not one answer. 

Since we cannot go back to Biblical times,  the lives and lessons of modern-day women are the only breadcrumbs we have to follow in hopes of learning the truth. Every series, we ask four women about their "after Eden" experience -- what prompted it, when did they leave the path determined for them, how have they coped with the wins and losses of changing course -- to get to the ultimate answer to who was Eve after Eden.


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